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Browns OC on including OBJ in Sunday’s game plan: “We’re going to plan for the guys who are going to be there”

After several days of unrest in Cleveland, it's a only matter of when and how, not if, Odell Beckham Jr. and the Browns will part ways.

The Browns haven’t cut receiver Odell Beckham Jr., but they’ve basically told him to stay home for two straight days. However the terms of the divorce between the Browns and Beckham are resolved, it’s becoming more and more clear he won’t be with the team.

Consider Thursday’s comments from offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, when asked if the team is designing the game plan without Beckham being part of it.

“We are going to go in and plan for the guys who are going to be there at this point,” Van Pelt told reporters. “That is our focus.”

Asked specifically if he expects that Beckham won’t be playing on Sunday, Van Pelt provided an answer that seemed a little vague, but that hinted strongly at the reality that Beckham won’t be there.

“As of now, again, we are just getting ready for today’s practice,” Van Pelt said. “We will see where that goes from here. Again, just getting the guys ready who are here in the building today to go play on Sunday.”

It’s no surprise. When coach Kevin Stefanski was asked on Wednesday whether he told the team that Beckham no longer would be part of it, Stefanski didn’t deny it. So, basically, Beckham is done. And it looks like the Browns are trying to figure out how to squat on him until he agrees to reduce the money he’ll make by not playing for the team.