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Can a Bill Belichick defense be beaten in the Super Bowl? Yes

Kevin Gilbride examines what will the Patriots do to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

With the Patriots preparing to face arguably the best offense they’ve seen in a Super Bowl since The Greatest Show on Turf in early 2002, many have been reflecting on the best defensive game plans ever hatched by coach Bill Belichick. Beyond his brilliance from Super Bowl XXXVI, when he dared Mike Martz and the Rams to run the ball and they didn’t, Belichick also crafted the game-shrinking strategy that somehow allowed the Giants to outscore the Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

But Belichick can be beaten in the Super Bowl. It’s happened twice before. And the same guy was responsible for both offensive game plans.

The guy who cracked the code of the all-time great code-cracker was former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. He joined PFT Live recently to discuss how he pulled it off, not once but twice.

He also said plenty of other interesting things about the upcoming game, but that was the best possible hook to get you to listen to what he had to say.