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Cardale Jones decides to stay in school


Young Eddie Murphy with an ice cream cone would be proud.

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones pulled the ultimate “psych” on football fans and the media on Thursday by calling a press conference at his high school to announce . . . that he won’t be entering the 2015 NFL draft.

He promised it would be a “life-changing decision,” but in the end there will be no changes.

“My decision was very simple,” Jones said. “I’m gonna return next year for school.”

If it was simple, why a press conference? Why the hubbub? Why the pomp and/or circumstance?

“I don’t know why you guys made this such a big deal,” Jones said.

It was Jones that made it a big deal. It was Jones that made it an unnecessary distraction and attention grab. And it will be Jones who’ll have to live this one down.

So why call it a “life-changing decision”?

“Because the way I’m gonna get viewed now and the way I’m gonna go about my business is completely different,” Jones said.

Yes. He’s now going to be viewed as a guy who indulged in a goofy publicity stunt when all he had to do to stay in school was to do nothing.