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Childress calls out Favre, who is unsure of status next week

Sorry, folks: It’s going to be tough to avoid writing about Brett Favre this week. The guy just gives us too much material.

Last night’s drama was just getting started before the post-game press conferences. Favre ultimately hobbled off after his session in slow motion, using both hands on the railings to get down from the stage. Favre admits he’s not sure if he’ll play against the Patriots this week because of his ankle injury.

“Who knows?” Favre said. “Really, who knows? I hope I do. It’ll be tough to get over this loss, as it’s tough to get over any loss. But I’ve got to find a way to do it. The reality is, if I can play but not be effective, then it’s not worth playing. I hope I use good judgment. We’ll see. I’m no spring chicken anymore. I don’t heal as quickly.”

We don’t really buy the notion Favre could sit out, but we believe Favre when he says how “devastated” he was after the game. Tom Pelissero of writes that Favre sat at his locker for a long time, tears in eyes, with teammates coming over to console him.

Vikings coach Brad Childress was less sensitive, admitting he was close to pulling Favre after his third interception.

“I was going to give him that next series and he took us and moved us down the field,” Childress said in reference to Minnesota’s last touchdown drive.

The Vikings coach didn’t hide his frustrations with Favre’s three interceptions.

“It still goes back to taking care of the football,” Childress said. “You can’t throw it to them. You’ve got to play within the confines of our system. Sometimes, it’s OK to punt the football, and you can’t give seven points going the other way. Not in a game like this.”