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Chris Hogan sees “a ton of carryover” between lacrosse and football


New Patriots receiver Chris Hogan had a real advantage when it come to attracting the attention of the Patriots, apart from his football skills.

Hogan played lacrosse, and coach Bill Belichick loves lacrosse.

“I think there’s a ton of carryover with the two sports, lacrosse and football,” Hogan said in an introductory conference call with the media. “Obviously there’s eye-hand coordination and you have to have really great eye-hand coordination in the sport of lacrosse and obviously in my position specifically. I think that there’s also carryover to when I have the ball in lacrosse, that field awareness and being able to move in the open field and dodge people. You can carry that over and say it’s the same aspect as having a football in your hands and having that in the open field. As far as Coach Belichick, yeah, he’s a huge lacrosse fan. I’m pretty sure I played against this son at Rutgers my sophomore and junior years. There’s always that. We have that lacrosse connection.”

That connection will help as Hogan gets to know his new surroundings. Like so many free agents, he signed a contract without knowing much about his new team.

“I don’t exactly know how I’m going to fit into this offense yet and I’m really just looking forward to getting up to Foxborough, getting in the building, getting to know the people, getting to know my teammates,” Hogan said. “That will be the most important thing for me for the upcoming months then obviously my role will be more defined as I start progressing and learning. . . . I know that communication is huge in this league and especially with Tom. This whole process and just signing with the Patriots really has just kind of unfolded. It’s really just getting set now. I’m looking forward to getting in the building and being around the guys, getting to know the guys, and getting to know Tom. It’s all very exciting for me.”

It’s exciting for Patriots fans insofar as it’s the closest the team ever comes to making a big splash in free agency. With Hogan on board, Brady now has three guys who can play in the slot. Hogan’s size (he’s 6'1") gives him the ability to line up on the outside, too.