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Commanders sale price inches to $6.05 billion, for now

Mike Florio and Peter King unpack the report that Dan Snyder has reached an agreement in principle to sell the Commanders for $6 billion and discuss how the Mary Jo White investigation factors in.

The sale of the Commanders is done!

The sale of the Commanders is not done!

The sale of the Commanders is done!

It’s the latest volley in what has become a bizarre tennis match of conflicting reports on All Things Snyder, during the five months since he first told the world that he was exploring selling the team.

He means it! He doesn’t mean it! He means it!

He won’t sell to Bezos! He will sell to Bezos! He won’t sell to Bezos!

Bezos is in! Bezos is out! Bezos is in!

The prevailing view currently seems to be that, despite the latest caveats, asterisks, and contradictions, Josh Harris will buy the team. The price has inched from $6 billion to $6.05 billion, an indication that Snyder wrangled an extra $50 million from Harris in order to get the deal done.

But even the latest reporting leaves the door open for Steve Apostolopoulos. Even if no one really believe it. Even if everyone instead believes that it’s more of Snyder being Snyder until Snyder finally sells.

If he’ll finally sell.

He will! He won’t! He will!

The sooner they land the plane on this, the better. With Snyder, however, the plane won’t truly landed until the wheels are down, the door is open, the ramp is connected, and the engines are off.