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Dalvin Cook’s agent fuels talk of possible deal with the Jets

During a recent edition of #PFTPM, the five-week hiatus answer to PFT Live, I mentioned the Jets are gaining momentum in the chase for running back Dalvin Cook. During a more recent interview with Jets reporter Paul Esden, Jr. Cook’s agent, Zac Hiller, was asked to respond to my suggestion that the Jets are indeed picking up steam.

Hiller said nothing to contradict the notion that the Jets are very interested in Cook, or that Cook is very interested in the Jets. Cook has said he wants to win a Super Bowl, and Hiller’s comments make it very clear that Cook believes he could win one with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the other great players on the roster.

The key remains doing the deal. As with receiver DeAndre Hopkins, none of the interested parties have persuaded the player to accept an offer. Cook, like Hopkins, might be waiting for his market to heat up — possibly with the arrival of another team. Possibly due to a starting running back suffering an injury.

Regardless, three teams in the AFC East bear watching for Cook: the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots. Whichever one gets him will keep him away from one of the other two. At some point, that could get an all-in owner to direct his football personnel to up the offer and get it done.