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Dez Bryant takes fist to face, sounds off on Twitter

Dallas Cowboys training camp

TNS via Getty Images

The Rams-Cowboys rumble in Oxnard on Tuesday included Dallas receiver Dez Bryant taking a fist to the face, proving yet again that no NFL player ever should enter a fight without a helmet.

Bryant, who apparently has seen the social-media reaction to taking knuckles to the nose, sounded off on Twitter.

“I wish I would have cheap shot his ass then all of y’all would have seen the difference,” Bryant said. “You can’t even put that sh-t on world star lol.” (The tweet already has been deleted.)

Bryant got into a fight with a teammate earlier in training camp, and it’s the second year in a row that Cowboys players have scrapped with players from another team during joint practices, with the action once again getting way too close to the fans for the NFL’s comfort.

But until a fan actually gets injured, look for nothing to change. Training-camp fights create even more interest and passion at a time when fans of every team have maximum engagement. Even if the NFL won’t openly endorse them, the failure to put a stop to them sends the same message.