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Eagles did not slam the door on potential pursuit of OBJ

Nick Sirianni believes the Eagles have the best receivers room he’s ever had, but Mike Florio and Chris Simms make a case for how Odell Beckham Jr. could take that group to the next level if someone gets injured.

Last year, when the midseason free-agency adventure of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. languished, we said this: Watch the Rams.

This year, as the midseason free-agency adventure of OBJ languishes, we said on Wednesday, “Watch the Eagles.”

The goal wasn’t to stir the pot and/or the shit. The goal was to analyze a situation and predict potential outcomes based on the available evidence.

Here’s how we got there. OBJ likely won’t be getting the multi-year deal he covets. His best play would be to sign a one-year deal and play now. If he does that, his best option would be to join a contender that is likely to play deep into the postseason, and that has the quarterback, the offense, the coaching staff, and the overall personnel to make it easier for Beckham to make an impact in the standalone postseason games.

If it all works, he sets himself up for a potentially large contract in free agency.

Under that standard, two teams stand out: Chiefs and Eagles.

The Chiefs had already been linked to Beckham. The Eagles hadn’t been. So I said, “Watch the Eagles.”

Some who cover the Eagles took my riffing to be reporting. The idea that we tossed into the ether became the proverbial turd plopped into the punchbowl. Players were asked about it, as if it were an actual report. Coach Nick Sirianni was asked about it, as if it were an actual report.

It wasn’t a report.

That said, Sirianni’s response was significant. In rattling off the virtues of his current receiver room, Sirianni at no pointed slammed the door on signing Beckham.

First of all, it’s not Sirianni’s call. He’s not the G.M. Second, if Beckham’s people contact the Eagles and offer to take a one-year deal for the prorated veteran minimum, how could they say no to that, especially if it means keeping him from the Giants or the Cowboys?

Third, any of the guys currently on the depth chart at receiver can be injured, at any point. Suddenly, a need for Beckham would emerge.

So, again, watch the Eagles. The longer this lasts, the greater the chance that the Eagles will swoop in and grab a guy who currently seems to be destined to land elsewhere.