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Eagles formally propose latest overhaul of jersey numbers, including No. 0

All-Pro center Jason Kelce announces he is returning to Philadelphia for the 2023 NFL season, and Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed layout what that means for the Eagles' offensive line.

Two years ago, the NFL dramatically changed the range of numbers available to skill-position players. Now, the Eagles want to take it even farther.

The league has announced that the Eagles have proposed making No. 0 for all players except offensive and defensive linemen.

The proposal also would expand the range of potential numbers for kickers and punters from 1-19 to 0-49 and 90-99.

So why not double zero? Former players who wore the iconic “OO” include center Jim Otto and receiver Ken Burrough.

And, as I’ve previously mentioned on PFT Live, I once had a generic green “00" jersey from Sears. I was very proud of it. I wore it to school once, on a day when uniforms weren’t required. Then someone said, “What’s that, your IQ?”

And I never wore it again.