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First lawsuit against Texans hints that “at least thirty different women” may have had their rights violated by Deshaun Watson

One of the biggest questions regarding the Deshaun Watson situation relates to the vague possibility that the 24 lawsuits filed against Watson will continue to expand. How many claims will there eventually be?

A strong hint appears in the first lawsuit against the Texans as a result of Watson’s behavior.

From page two of the petition filed on Monday: “It is now known that in many of Watson’s multiple massage interactions, more than massage therapy occurred -- indeed, with at least thirty different women, the ‘more’ that occurred included unwanted sexual advances and outright sexual assault by Watson. Each of those thirty plus women, most of which are complete strangers to one another, experienced strikingly similar conduct from Watson.”

Twenty-four have been filed, 20 have been settled. More quite possibly will be filed. The league’s proposed suspension of Watson, an indefinite ban lasting at least one year, is aimed at factoring the possibility of more lawsuits into the final decisions made in the case.

Based on the lawsuit filed on Monday, at least six more lawsuits against Watson are possible.