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Fokou says Chargers tried to break his arm


Titans linebacker Moise Fokou has a pretty good excuse for an unnecessary roughness penalty he drew in the first quarter of Sunday’s win over the Chargers.

Fokou claims that, basically, the Chargers tried to Fokoup his arm.

They were trying to put my arm in a blender,” Fokou said, via Terry McCormick of “That’s what they were trying to do. It was kind of like a fight or flight kind of feeling, just mano-a-mano, survival of the fittest. I felt that my arm was in a compromising position and when I got up my first instinct was to kind of defend myself, right, wrong or indifferent. That’s just how I felt.”

Fokou said he’ll appeal if he’s fined, as he should. The “All-22" film from the game shows Chargers guard Jeromy Clary clutch Fokou’s arm and then fall to the ground while holding it, in what looked like clumsy pro wrestling move. Only after that does Fokou take a shot at Clary.

If anything, Clary should be fined for blatantly trying to injure Fokou.