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Former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant discloses his text messages regarding welfare scandal

Garrett Wilson acknowledged that expectations go up with Aaron Rodgers on the Jets, which leads Mike Florio and Myles Simmons to outline what the QB’s top priority must be this offseason.

Former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant has taken the gloves off.

In a video posted on Thursday, Bryant described himself as a “whistleblower” who reported “wrongdoing of others” to the responsible state agency. He also released all of his text messages, abandoning any claim of “executive privilege” in order to keep them hidden.

Bryant says the text messages will reveal that he was a “busy man,” doing his best to run the government of the state of Mississippi.

We haven’t picked through the text message yet. The real question, for these purposes, is whether and to what extent the text messages show that Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre knew or should have known the sources of the public funds that he allegedly was trying to steer toward a University of Southern Mississippi volleyball center.

Even as Bryant discloses the text messages, he complains about mischaracterization of his text messages that has yet to happen. He complains about mischaracterization about messages already released. At times, it feels as if maybe he doth protest too much.

Regardless, today’s developments should help everyone looking for the truth to get there, whatever the truth might be. Among those particularly interested in the text messages will be the lawyers representing Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe, both of whom have been sued by Favre for defamation based on statements made regarding his alleged role in the controversy.