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Giants-Packers was NFL Network’s most-watched London game ever

Ron Rivera had some shocking things to say about Carson Wentz's play so far for the struggling Commanders, and Chris Simms wasn't thrilled with how Washington's coach chose to throw his player under the bus.

As the NFL continues to promote American football overseas, American fans appear to be increasingly willing to get up early on Sunday morning and watch those overseas games.

Sunday’s Giants-Packers game reached an audience of 5.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched London game ever to air on NFL Network. And the previous record was set a week earlier by the Vikings-Saints game. So the 2022 season is seeing a significant increase in American fans watching the London games on NFL Network.

With Roger Goodell musing about a four-team division in Europe, the NFL may some day be able to create a new package of games played in Europe that will be broadcast on Sunday morning in the United States, and that package of games could create another revenue stream for the league, either by increasing NFL Network viewership or by selling the games to another broadcast partner.

The NFL has two more Sunday morning games in Europe this season: Broncos-Jaguars on October 30 in London, which will air exclusively on the ESPN+ streaming platform, and Seahawks-Buccaneers on November 13 in Munich, which will air on NFL Network.