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Haley will confirm but downplay hotel bar incident later today


Yes, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was in a hotel bar the night before the Steelers coordinated very little offense against the Titans. Yes, the former Chiefs head coach signed a note that said, “Go STEELERS! CHIEFS SUCK!!”

Per a league source, Haley will acknowledge those basic facts, which appeared Wednesday afternoon on Deadspin, during his weekly press conference with reporters. Haley will meet with the media after Thursday’s practice.

The source says that Haley will explain that he and his family have been staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania while their house is being refurbished. Haley will also explain that he and his wife went down to the bar after their five kids were asleep.

He’ll say that there were no incidents or problems, contrary to the information provided to Deadspin by a reader. Per the source, Haley’s recollection of the exchange is that it was lighthearted, with no confrontation or arguments or improper comments.

It’s good that the Steelers aren’t hiding Haley from the media on this one, and we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his version of the events -- even though it’s basically a he-said/she-said contradiction on the question of whether things got heated.

But heated exchanges could be coming if the Steelers continue to generate only garbage-time touchdowns. And heated exchanges definitely will be coming the next time Haley sets foot in Arrowhead Stadium, either with the Steelers (who don’t play the Chiefs this year) or some other NFL team.

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