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Harrison Butker: A ton of kickers can kick a 65-yard field goal, just need a chance

Ron Rivera said the topic of Washington's controversial team name was "a discussion for another time," but Mike Florio believes that time needs to be sooner rather than later.

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker got some attention this offseason when he posted a video of himself kicking a 77-yard field goal on an empty practice field. In a game, however, Butker has never even come within 20 yards of that.

But Butker says that a 65-yard field goal is very doable. He said he and a lot of other NFL kickers can make one in game conditions from 65 yards or farther, as long as they’re given the opportunity.

“In terms of the NFL record, there are a ton of kickers that have the leg to make a field goal . . . in a game situation,” Butker said, via ESPN. “It’s just, does the coach want to put the kicker out there, because if he misses, now the other team gets the ball with great field position? So you kind of have to get set up with end-of-half, end-of-game situations. I don’t think we’ve had that situation where it would have been that long of a field goal. But I think definitely when it’s warm out, I’d be prepared to make that kick. I feel super comfortable kicking from distance. Obviously, we’re not going to be kicking field goals from [77 yards] most likely in a game, but it’s going to help me a lot when it’s a 55-yarder, wind’s in your face in January and February. That’s what I’m training for, to be able to make those kicks.”

The current NFL record of 64 yards was set by Matt Prater in Denver in 2013. Other kickers would surely be able to break that record, but many of them have never been given the opportunity to attempt a 65-yard field goal. And to paraphrase Michael Scott quoting Wayne Gretzky, you miss 100 percent of the field goals you don’t attempt.