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Haslam calls report he’ll get the game plan inaccurate and irresponsible

Paul DePodesta's influence with the Browns showed in the hiring of Kevin Stefanski, and he could be the first one to go if Cleveland's new coach doesn't work out.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is pushing back against a report that he will personally check the game plans of new head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Responding to a report that Haslam told Stefanski that they’ll have weekly meetings on Mondays and that he has to turn the game plan into the owner on Fridays, Haslam said the first part is true but the second part is false.

“If you owned a pro football team, would you meet with the head coach the Monday after the game? Of course you would. I mean, of course we would,” Haslam said. “The rumors out there, though, about presenting the game plan, of those kind, are just totally inaccurate. And I really think they’re irresponsible.”

Haslam has been accused of meddling too much in what the football people do, and it’s clear that he told the coaches during the interview process that they need to be ready to meet with him on a weekly basis. But the game plan, Haslam insists, is for the coach to determine, without the owner’s interference.