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Here’s a surprise: Father of Mine gets a good review from Kirkus

Father of Mine

Some of you have pre-ordered Father of Mine (out April 25) because: (1) it’s only $4.99; (2) you like the content you get here, which makes you think you might like the book; (3) you like the content here, and you want to show some gratitude for that; (4) you hate the content here, and you want to show some gratitude for that; or (5) your kid grabbed your phone and pressed the “buy it now” button.

There’s a new reason to consider ordering it. Someone other than me thinks it’s not a steaming piece of crap.

From Kirkus Reviews, which called Playmakerssometimes ill-tempered and snarky but always entertaining,” comes a “get it” verdict.

“Although this story is built upon a well-worn crime-fiction premise, the author’s take is a refreshing one and incorporates notes of suspense, terror, family drama, and black humor,” Kirkus writes. “He draws on true events in a fictional story that has a lot of moving parts, but they all manage to coalesce into a thrilling reading experience. Florio’s cast of characters—some good, others much less so—are all crystal-clear in their intentions and demeanor, which makes the story a devilish indulgence. . . .

“Fans of The Godfather and The Sopranos will recognize and appreciate the overtures that Florio makes on behalf of his creatively inspired mob family—particularly the central ordeal concerning Johnny and his son. Every stylistic nuance and dialogue inflection feels pitch-perfect, and every character is believably hypersensitive to law enforcement and the dire consequences of a botched job. The novel’s conclusion has a twist that’s truly a surprise.”

Refreshing. Thrilling. Pitch-perfect. Surprise twist.

Shit, after spinning my wheels for nearly three years trying to make Father of Mine, On Our Way Home, and other projects still to come into something people might actually read and enjoy, I’ll take it.

Buy it here. Buy it now. Hell, if enough of you buy it, maybe you’ll finally send me off into that alternative career you’ve been wishing I’d discover.