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Hernandez’s maids tell jury of multiple guns in the house


The first Aaron Hernandez murder trial currently isn’t going very well.

In addition to an about-face from Judge E. Susan Garsh on the question of whether she’ll allow the jury to know that Odin Lloyd sent multiple text messages to his sister after leaving his home with Hernandez and others in the early morning hours preceding Lloyd’s killing, Monday’s court session included incriminating testimony from Hernandez’s former maids.

Via the Boston Herald, Marilia Prinholato (pictured) and Grazielli Silva testified that they stumbled across multiple guns while cleaning Hernandez’s home. Judge Garsh explained to jurors that the testimony couldn’t be used as proof that Hernandez had a “propensity” to kill, but that it could be used as evidence that he had the “means to commit the murder charge.”

In a case where the murder weapon has yet to be found, that’s a useful way of showing that the man accused of killing someone with a handgun had multiple handguns in his home. And the handguns weren’t in a safe or any other secure location; they were found in various places throughout the home, for example, in a sock drawer and in a pair of pants that had been left on the floor.

Both maids were later asked by Hernandez to sign non-disclosure agreements. They refused, and they were fired

More housekeepers are scheduled to testify in the prosecution’s case.