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James Harrison: I’ll only give a PED interview if Goodell comes to my house

Steelers LB Harrison posted his preconditions to Instagram regarding a PED interview, but Mike Florio says he has no choice but to cooperate with the NFL.

The NFL plans to send investigators to the first day of Steelers training camp to interview linebacker James Harrison about allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Harrison says other ideas.

In a statement he posted on Instagram, Harrison said he’ll give an interview, but only if Commissioner Roger Goodell shows up at his house to do it.

“I never had a bully before in my life and I’m DAMN sure not about to have one at this point. But since I’m a nice guy & don’t mind helping to clear the air in the name of the NFL Shield, I’ll do this interview,” Harrison wrote. “WITH THESE STIPULATIONS: The interview will be done at MY house. BEFORE training camp. On a date of MY choosing. AND Mr. Goodell must be present.”

Harrison has said many derogatory things about Goodell, including, “I hate him and will never respect him.” Goodell probably won’t be taking Harrison up on the invitation to his house.

What’s clear is that the NFL’s investigation of the Al Jazeera documentary about performance-enhancing drugs is a long way from over. The other players accused in that documentary -- Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Mike Neal -- are also subject to the NFL’s investigation. Those players, however, haven’t made comments as inflammatory as Harrison’s.