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Jim Irsay believes there’s “merit” to removing Daniel Snyder as Washington owner

NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith joins Mike Florio to discuss the union's views on ownership meetings, sheds light on what played out after the Tua Tagovailoa incident and more.

As the photo suggests, Jim Irsay is a badass.

The Colts owner dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, saying at the league meeting in New York that he believes there’s merit to forcing out Commanders owner Daniel Snyder.

Irsay told a throng of reporters that there potentially are 24 total votes to force Snyder out. Irsay said that a vote is unlikely today, but that it could happen after Mary Jo White submits her report regarding her investigation of allegations against Snyder.

It’s a gutsy move by Irsay to go public with his beliefs. It’s also possibly a trial balloon, something Irsay may have agreed to float in order both to legitimize the subject and to gauge the reaction.

Irsay, who previously was suspended by the league for driving while impaired, also has no fear of reprisal from Snyder.

“He can investigate me till the cows come home, it’s not going to back me off,” Irsay said, via Lindsay Jones of

The reaction from the public undoubtedly will be positive. Most fans of the Commanders want change. In fact, some may now be hoping that Irsay can manage a franchise trade like the one Irsay’s father did, swapping the Rams for the Colts with Carroll Rosenbloom.

That surely won’t happen. But what quite possibly will happen is a formal push to shove Snyder overboard.

It will be messy. It will be expensive. But Irsay is right. The time has come for it to happen.