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John Brown eyes the Steelers and the Colts

Mike Florio and Chris Simms look across the NFL landscape at the veterans being released due to a salary cap crunch and how the league got to this point.

Receiver John Brown has become one of what will be many cap casualties in 2021, after his release by the Bills. He already has a couple of potential destinations in mind.

“It depends who needs receivers,” Brown told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday. “You know, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Big Ben is definitely good with the deep ball, and the Indianapolis Colts, the way they use T.Y. Hilton. When we played those guys in the playoffs last year I walked off and I’m like, this team, they’re up and coming, they’re going to be a problem in the next few years. So, you know, I got options, I feel like I would fit in anywhere, but those are just the main two off the top. Anywhere I can come in and help and be a small piece to the puzzle, or if they need me to be a big piece to come in and help younger guys out and move around and do what I have to do. Those are the main two teams, though.”

The Steelers don’t really need receivers, however. They have a great young nucleus of players they’ve drafted and developed at the position. As to the Colts, Hilton is becoming a free agent; maybe an opportunity would be there for Brown.

Regardless, things are over in Buffalo. And they ended abruptly.

“We didn’t know nothing, we weren’t even given a heads up,” Brown said. “But I’m a strong believer in God and I just had a feeling it was going to come to that time, especially when the money dropped. And I dealt with a few injuries so I missed, like, five games so the team went 5-0 without me. . . . I don’t know if they gave Josh Allen input on it. . . . [H]e should have had input. Or, if he did have input I thought he would want me to stay.”

Regardless of who did or didn’t have input, Brown is now available. The unfortunate reality for him could be that he’ll fall into that wide swath of veteran players who will be squeezed to take peanuts this year due to the unprecedented drop in the salary cap.