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Josh Rosen: Trade to Miami “felt like I got drafted twice”

With a strong veteran QB and quality coaching staff, Josh Rosen is in a good position to succeed with the Dolphins in his second year in the NFL.

Josh Rosen got a call from the Arizona draft room a year ago, when he became the 10th pick. Rosen got a call from the Miami draft room this year, when they traded a second-round and fifth-round pick for him.

“It felt like I got drafted twice,” Rosen told reporters on Monday, as he was introduced to the South Florida media.

Rosen remains as confident as he was in 2018, even if he passed on the opportunity to provide a sound bite regarding the reality that all NFL franchises have now passed on him, at least when it comes to a first-round pick.

“I would like to give you the quote you want,” he said with a smile, “but for the most part I’m going day by day.

Rosen did acknowledge that he continues to have a major chip on his shoulder.

“I don’t think my chip’s gonna grow any more,” Rosen said. “I might tip over.”

He still believes he’s a franchise-type quarterback in the NFL. And he explained his confidence in simple terms.

“I think I’m a good quarterback,” Rosen said, “and I think I’m a good leader.”

Arizona opted to put its faith in Kyler Murray, a decision Rosen became aware of when the team called Rosen “a couple of minutes” before the Murray pick happened.

Rosen has become a sympathetic figure for many NFL fans, given the manner in which has handled weeks of uncertainty and, ultimately, a fire-sale trade out of the desert. He realizes that his image has been altered since entering the NFL, and he attributes the way he used to be regarded as a product of the reality that he “said some things kind of off the cuff about all different kinds of things and people misconstrued them in all different sorts of ways.”

He hasn’t said much off the cuff lately, and nothing he has said can be misconstrued. He’s excited to be in Miami, and he plans to get to work in order to prove that he’s the player he believes he is.