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Lorenzo Booker isn’t happy the UFL cost him money

Lorenzo Booker

Minnesota Vikings running back Lorenzo Booker runs through his first practice for the Vikings at their NFL football training facility in Eden Prairie, Minn. Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010.(AP Photo/Andy King)


The UFL transfer fee policy cost Vikings running back Lorenzo Booker money. Now it’s going to cost the UFL more bad publicity, especially when prospective UFL players hear Booker’s words.

Booker estimates he lost $80,000 because of the UFL’s previous transfer fee policy. With a prohibitive $150,000 transfer fee formerly in place, Booker’s eventual arrival in Minnesota was delayed two weeks. The UFL caved and changed the transfer fee to $25,000, which Booker paid.

As Tom Pelissero of notes, Booker missed two game checks in that time worth $55,294. Throw in the $25,000 and Booker is down $80,000. He was asked if it was all worth it.

“Sure, to be here. I’d rather be here than be at the house, wondering what I was going to do,” Booker said. “I thought that trade-off was me going there and playing hard, and everybody else. That’s what I thought the trade-off was. I didn’t know it was going to be [80] grand.”

Booker made $50,00o for playing in the UFL this year after being out of football entirely in 2009. So the UFL’s short-sighted policy cost Booker money in the short term, but he’d probably do it all over again.