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“Love is Blind” streaming fiasco shows Netflix may not be ready for live sports

Roger Goodell believes flexing TNF isn’t a health and safety concern, but Mike Florio and Peter King shed light on why they feel it’s wrong for the players, the fans and the game as a whole.

With Netflix and the NFL launching a relationship this year, some wonder whether it’s the first step toward a package of games for the streaming service.

If so, there are a lot more steps needed before Netflix will be ready to go.

The lead item of Monday’s Sports Business Daily focused on Netflix’s live-streaming fiasco from Sunday night, for a reunion of the cast of the fourth season of Love is Blind.

Fans of the show waited and waited and waited for the live event. It never happened. Instead, it was taped with a promise that it would be posted on Monday at 3:00 p.m. ET.

It was supposed to begin at 8:00 p.m. ET on Sunday. Initially, it was delayed for 15 minutes. Eventually, it was scrapped.

As explained by David Goldman of, other streaming companies have successfully streamed live events, primarily sports. Goldman writes that “Netflix has been notoriously resistant -- not because of technological hurdles, but because the company has repeatedly said live broadcast rights, particularly for sports, come at a high cost.”

The cost will be even higher when live events are attempted and aborted. Imagine the backlash arising from an NFL game that was to be streamed on Netflix and that then couldn’t be.

Kevin Harrish of put it more bluntly. "[I]t might be quite a while before Netflix is ready for live sports,” Harrish writes.

It will be for the NFL to be completely sure Netflix is ready before ever entrusting the streaming of any NFL games to Netflix. This fiasco quite possibly will force Netflix to expedite the efforts to iron out the glitches, allowing for sports to be streamed.

Still, the NFL would be wise to confirm that Netflix can do it before ever giving any thought to letting Netflix try to do it with the most important live sporting rights in America.