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Mike Vrabel acknowledges Titans’ game-ending penalty was the correct call

Are the Bengals on the verge of doing exactly what they did last year? Mike Florio says things are "playing out perfectly" for Cincinnati after they somehow seemed to enter the season without a target on their backs despite being the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel isn’t making any excuses for the game-ending penalty called on Tennessee in Sunday’s loss to Cincinnati.

When the Bengals kicked a timeout with just under two minutes to play, Tennessee’s Kevin Strong hit the Bengals’ long snapper, which is a personal foul. The automatic first down sealed the win for the Bengals because the Titans were out of timeouts.

Vrabel said today that his players on the field goal block unit need to know that NFL rules protect the long snapper from getting hit.

“Any time you do that, that’s going to be a penalty,” Vrabel said. “We have to be careful. They’re only looking for certain things. Make sure you don’t cover him up and make sure you don’t have the appearance of hitting him in the head or neck.”

It was a tough call for the Titans, but a correct call under NFL rules, and Vrabel recognizes that the officials called the rule as it’s written.