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New bag policy applies only to bags


The league’s new policy regarding bags brought to stadiums has, so far, generated more of a reaction than we expected.

So let’s write more stuff about it.

Several of you have expressed concern that the policy will preclude fans from bringing blankets and other items aimed at keeping bodies warm during cold-weather games. It doesn’t and it won’t, as long as you don’t try to stuff the blankets and other items in a bag.

Likewise, coats and hats and cheeseheads and other things a fan would wear are permitted, as long as they’re being worn and not placed in a bag.

Also, in the interests of complete clarity, small purses (the size of a hand) are permitted. Larger purses aren’t.

So take heart, those of you who hope to wear something other than clear plastic bags on their heads to express dismay at the local team’s performance. You won’t have to risk suffocation to make your point.