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New extra-point rule creates intriguing opportunity for a fake

The element of surprise continues to be one of the more fascinating aspects of football. On the surface, the new extra point rule reduces the element of surprise.

Ultimately, it could enhance it.

With the two-point conversion play starting at the two and the one-point try now nudged to the 15, a team can choose to fake the kick and attempt to take the ball to the end zone. And that would result in two points for the offense.

So why would anyone choose not to take a crack at two points from the two but try to score two points from placekick formation on a play starting at the 15? Well, because no one is going to expect that.

The question now becomes whether someone will actually do it. At some point during the upcoming 256 regular-season games and 11 postseason games, it’s hard to think no one will.