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New lawsuit claims Giants had culture of violence and intimidation in organization

The Giants are setting up Daniel Jones in 2021 to succeed with the weapons they've provided him. But if he falters, New York will know he's not the franchise QB it needs.

Football is a game fundamentally premised on violence. A former employee of the New York Giants claims that the violence spilled over from the field into other areas of the organization.

Via Chris Dolmetsch of, the team’s former video director alleges in a new lawsuit that he was fired for complaining about an assault committed against a coworker. David Maltese, in a civil complaint filed Thursday, contends that the assault that he reported internally “was just a recent example of a pervasive and continuing pattern and culture of violence in the workplace by Giants’ management toward subordinates.”

Maltese spent 30 years with the Giants. In the litigation, he accuses the Giants of firing him after he complained about an employee who was physically attacked by a supervisor. Maltese alleges that Giants general counsel William J. Heller warned Maltese against pushing the matter any farther, claiming that Heller said he would “strangle you until you can no longer breathe” if he told anyone else about the situation.

Maltese also contends that, in 2004, an assistant coach pushed Maltese into a table while players, other coaches, and Christopher Mara, brother of co-owner John Mara, were present.

The Giants declined to comment on the lawsuit.