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New Twitter account tracks Dan Snyder’s superyacht

Mike Florio has joked in the past about Daniel Snyder hiding on his yacht to avoid a subpoena, but now he is beginning to believe that might actually be the case.

Maybe he should have settled for a dinghy.

Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who possibly has opted to run out the clock with the House Oversight Committee by remaining on his superyacht through at least the November election or at most the commencement of the new Congress in January, cannot secure shelter from the prying eyes of social media.

A new Twitter account tracks Snyder’s massive boat, the Lady S, wherever it may be. The account also eyeballs Snyder’s private jets. The information is all based on public-available data, and it was started by a fan of the team (and not a fan of Snyder) who was at home with COVID and had nothing to do.

The only flaw is that it doesn’t show where Snyder is. And that’s the most important information for the Oversight Committee, which wants to subpoena him for testimony. His lawyer refuses to accept it on his behalf, forcing the Committee to try to serve him the old-fashioned way. If they can find him on domestic soil.

If he’s truly committed to never testifying (and nothing good likely come from testifying, for him), he could pull it off.

The NFL apparently has no issue with Snyder’s behavior. The league did not respond to a July 13 email seeking comment on the back and forth between Snyder and the Committee over whether he’ll testify under subpoena and on the perception that Snyder hopes to delay service long enough to avoid ever having to testify. The league otherwise has made no public statements regarding whether it believes Snyder should accept the subpoena and answer the questions.

As to the fans and media, this is another area in which Snyder benefits from already being widely disliked. It’s not like people are going to dislike him even more when he does something that they believe fits with their pre-existing opinions of him.