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New video of fan slapping Kyler Murray is inconclusive, at best

Mike Florio and Chris Simms explain how the Arizona Cardinals offense had success in Week 2, and why Kyler Murray deserves more liberty on offense to make plays.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray got slapped in the face while celebrating his team’s ability to dump an ice bucket of cold water on a win the Raiders thought they had in hand. Murray reportedly filed a police report.

It seems based on available video that it would be difficult to prove a deliberate and intentional assault. has a new angle. The article characterizes the fan as “winding up.” That’s a stretch. The “windup” looks more like an attempted high five gone haywire.

The article also acknowledges this possibility. Indeed, the video is inconclusive at best as to whether the person was trying to hit Murray. The fact that it was an open hand and not a closed fist could be enough to get prosecutors to ultimately choose to not proceed.

Unless, of course, they identify the guy and he admits that he intentionally smacked Murray in the face.