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NFL examines sensors in helmets to measure impact of hits


Graphic describes what happens to the brain of a football player that can cause a concussion


As the NFL continues to look for new ways to protect players from serious injuries in high-impact collisions, the league is looking at a high-tech solution.

USA Today has a report on the work being done at the Southern Impact Research Center, where sensors in helmets and mouth guards are being used to collect data bout hits.

Right now, the research consists of measuring helmet collisions caused by compressed air, but if the NFL determines that the research is useful, the next step is to have select players wear the equipment in practices and games.

Falcons President Rich McKay says he looks forward to examining the data in his role as chairman of the Competition Committee.

“It should help when we talk about all issues. That includes the rules on game day, offseason rules and training camp rules,” McKay said. “Because the one thing we’re in search for is as much data as we can get with respect to brain trauma.”

If the NFL finds the data to be helpful, we may some day see every player in the league with a sensor in his helmet.