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NFL game operations employees discuss further standardization of in-stadium replays

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One of the various meetings happening in and around the Scouting Combine related to the manner in which replays will be shown in and around a given stadium.

Per multiple sources, NFL game operations employees discussed on Tuesday night the potential for further standardization of in-stadium replays.

According to the league, a “great deal” of standardized language already appears in the NFL’s policies.

Already, specific kinds of plays require mandatory in-stadium replays. The home team must show at least one replay on the primary video board after all: (1) touchdowns; (2) safeties; (3) turnovers; (a turnover on downs doesn’t require a replay); (4) fumbles recovered by the offense; (5) plays under review (booth reviews and coaches’ challenges); (6) first downs (including first downs earned as a result of a penalty); and (7) potential catches made along the sideline or back of the end zone, regardless of whether the reception was ruled complete or incomplete on the field.

Rules also apply for the manner in which mandatory replays are displayed. They must include the relevant action, and they must be shown before the next snap. Touchdowns can be shown until the ensuing kickoff.

Also, when a formal replay review occurs, limits apply to the replays that can be shown in the stadium. After the decision regarding a replay review is announced, no replays may be immediately shown of the play that was under review.

We’re not yet aware of any additional potential steps for standardized replay review, or of the specific reason for the topic arising during Tuesday’s meeting.

The goal should always be to ensure that replays are shown without impacting in any way, positively or negatively, the ability of either coach to initiate the review process. There will be an obvious temptation to help the home team’s coach and to hinder the visiting team’s coach.