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NFL health and safety officials recommend expanded use of Guardian Caps

Chris Simms reveals which offensive linemen he selected for his 2022 NFL All-Pro team, from Trent Williams to Lane Johnson and more.

When the NFL released injury information from the 2022 season, it showed that the number of concussions in the preseason were down and one of the reasons cited for that drop was the use of Guardian Caps during training camp practices.

The caps were worn over helmets by offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, and tight ends through the second preseason game and the league said those groups realized a 52 percent drop in concussions over the same time period from 2021. The 2023 season could see a broader use of the caps.

NFL executive vice president Jeff Miller said on Monday, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, that the league’s health and safety officials are recommending expanded use of Guardian Caps. The expansion would be in the groups of players who wear them as well as to the amount of time that they are worn during practice sessions.

Some players and coaches have expressed negative views of the Guardian Caps, but it does not look like they will be going away anytime in the future.