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NFLPA won’t push some teams to boycott offseason program, due to workout bonuses

As the NFLPA tries to take collective action against the offseason workout program, the action will not be fully collective.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the union won’t be pushing teams that have a significant number of players with workout bonuses to join in the effort.

The source specifically mentioned the Packers and Bills. Via, the Bills have 28 players with workout bonuses totaling $3.172 million. The Packers have 19 players with workout bonuses, but the total value (the highest in the league) is $5.065 million.

The Jaguars (24 players, $3.725 million) and the Chiefs (25 million, $3.053 million) also have either more than 15 players or more than $2 million in total workout bonuses.

Apart from the dynamics that may cause individual players to show up (including for example younger players who hope to make the 53-man roster), the fact that the Packers, Bills, Jaguars, and Chiefs won’t be pushed to boycott puts indirect pressure on the other teams in their divisions (NFC North, AFC East, AFC South, AFC West, respectively) to follow suit, for fear of allowing those four teams to have a competitive advantage.

Last year, players worked out together away from team facilities despite an NFLPA recommendation not to do so. This year, the recommendation to not work out at the team facility will result in players working out away from the facility. If they’re going to work out anyway, it makes much more sense to do so in the team facility.