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On the Wonderlic, Tebow, Clausen nearly scored in the teens

The NFL has kept a fairly tight lid on Wonderlic scores since Vince Young managed a six (or, possibly, a seven) on the 50-question intelligence test four years ago.

Still, the numbers get out.

Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post has tweeted some of the quarterback numbers from this year’s Scouting Combine.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow got only 22 of 50 questions correct. Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen was only one answer better, with a 23.

Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford aced the thing (relatively speaking), getting 36 out of 50 right.

We’re not sure what the Wonderlic test means when it comes to football. But folks tend to put more stock into it as to the quarterback position, since they are the players most likely to be processing information and making good decisions under pressure.

Then again, Dan Marino got a 13.

And now I finally understand why he wore that number. If I had done better on the Wonderlic, I might have made the connection a bit sooner.