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Orlando night club responds to Santonio suit

The alleged owners of the alleged location of the alleged incident involving Steelers wideout Santonio Holmes allegedly throwing an alleged mixed drink in the alleged face of an alleged female have issued a statement.

“The owners and management at Rain Ultra Lounge express sincere concern in regards to the incident with Ms. Anshonoe Mills and Mr. Santonio Holmes,” the statement from Keisha Pickett of Pickett P.R. asserts. “The Rain Ultra Lounge frequently hosts various celebrities, entertainers and athletes. However, our staff and management show equal respect to all of our patrons, regardless of their profession or social status. It is extremely vital that we make everyone feel comfortable and secure while they are at our venue. The alleged incident in question does not represent nor reflect the standard of behavior tolerated or promoted by Rain Ultra Lounge, its staff and management. At this time, we are still gathering more facts in an effort to resolve this situation in a timely matter.”

Is that a statement or an advertisement? “Hey, folks, we host celebrities, entertainers, and athletes! So come check us out! And buy drinks! But don’t throw them in the faces of any non-celebrities, non-entertainers, and/or non-athletes! Wait, go ahead! Because then we can issue a statement pointing out how many celebrities come here!”

We’re kidding, but only a little. More serious is the question of whether surveillance videos of the incident exist. Even though no charges will be filed, the videos will be relevant to the lawsuit, which remains viable, at least for now.