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PFT’s 2024 Pre-Camp Power Rankings

These rankings are not a prediction of how teams will finish the 2024 season. Instead, the following list is a snapshot of where the NFL’s teams currently are. (Will that stop people from interpreting these ranking as a prediction of how teams will finish the 2024 season? Nope.)

1. Chiefs: The two-time champs will stay kings of the NFL mountain, until someone knocks them off.

2. 49ers: They keep knocking on the door. Can they finally kick it in this year?

3. Lions: The hard part is getting to a 17-point halftime lead in the NFC Championship. The easy part is holding it.

4. Ravens: The second year of the Todd Monken offense, combined with the arrival of Derrick Henry, could keep the Ravens in the thick of things.

5. Eagles: The changes to the coaching staff and the poaching of Saquon Barkley should help fix whatever went haywire late last season.

6. Packers: Can Jordan Love keep it going? If so, the Super Bowl isn’t out of the question.

7. Bills: Will a revamped receiving corps be ready to go?

8. Bengals: They’ll go as far as Joe Burrow’s health will let them.

9. Buccaneers: For some reason, they still aren’t being taken seriously. They should be.

10. Texans: How will they perform as a team that no one will take for granted?

11. Dolphins: Whether they can win in the postseason will depend on whether they can consistently win late in the regular season.

12. Browns: Just like last year, Deshaun Watson is the biggest wild card in the league.

13. Rams: They overachieved last year, and Aaron Donald is gone. This year could entail a step backward.

14. Steelers: They blew up the depth chart at the quarterback position, dumping 2022 first-rounder Kenny Pickett along the way. That alone will make them better in 2024.

15. Chargers: The Harbaugh factor made me want to put them higher. I have a feeling they’ll get there, quickly.

16. Cowboys: All-in, my ass. (The comma does some important work in that sentence.)

17. Bears: The defense is solid and the offense is greatly improved.

18. Colts: Can Anthony Richardson stay healthy without compromising his playing style?

19. Falcons: They’d be even higher if they’d used the eighth overall pick on a player other than Kirk Cousins’s replacement.

20. Jaguars: They fell apart down the stretch last year. They need to prove that it was a fluke.

21. Seahawks: Can Geno Smith hold off Sam Howell?

22. Broncos: If Bo Nix doesn’t win the Week 1 starting job, it could be another long year for the Broncos.

23. Vikings: Will they be better or worse without Kirk Cousins?

24. Saints: It feels like it’s up-or-out this year for both Derek Carr and Dennis Allen.

25. Jets: They’re counting on way too many injured veterans to stay healthy.

26. Raiders: If they can get solid quarterback play, they could climb the ladder.

27. Titans: It’s still weird that they fired Mike Vrabel.

28. Giants: What have they really done to improve?

29. Commanders: If Jayden Daniels ends up playing great right away, he’ll cover up a lot of flaws.

30. Cardinals: Let’s see what they can do with a healthy Kyler Murray.

31. Patriots: Can Jerod Mayo do anything with a roster that fell apart in recent years?

32. Panthers: Wear a raincoat if you plan to be sitting near the owner’s box this year.