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PFT’s Week 11 2020 power rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms unveil their superlatives for Week 10, including the Steelers breezing past the Bengals, Daniel Jones getting revenge and more.

1. Steelers (last week No. 1; 9-0): Many would say the Chiefs are “the better team.” Hopefully, the Chiefs will get a chance to try to prove it in January.

2. Chiefs (No. 2; 8-1): The fact that the Chiefs already have lost to the Raiders once this year makes it far less likely it will happen again.

3. Saints (No. 3; 7-2): It won’t be easy to hold this spot without Drew Brees.

4. Packers (No. 8; 7-2): Imagine barely beating the Jaguars and still climbing into the top five.

5. Dolphins (No. 9; 6-3): They may be the best team in the AFC East. They eventually could be the best team in the AFC.

6. Cardinals (No. 11; 6-3): They may be the best team in the NFC West. They eventually could be the best team in the NFC.

7. Ravens (No. 4; 6-3): Forget about matching 14-2; currently, they need to be concerned about possibly missing the playoffs.

8. Bills (No. 6; 7-3): They need to set this one aside quickly, or one loss will become two.

9. Buccaneers (No. 10; 7-3): We’ll soon find out whether they’re finally ready for prime time.

10. Rams (No. 13; 6-3): The 2018 “it” team has been overlooked for most of the season. Not anymore.

11. Colts (No. 12; 6-3): The up-and-down Colts picked the perfect time to flip the switch.

12. Seahawks (No. 7; 6-3): Russ has burned a couple of perfectly good meals.

13. Titans (No. 5; 6-3): They actually were better when they were distracted by COVID issues.

14. Raiders (No. 14; 6-3): Ground and pound doesn’t really match the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

15. Browns (No. 15; 6-3): They should finish 10-6, like 2007. Will that keep them out of the playoffs, like 2007?

16. Vikings (No. 18; 4-5): With the running game not what it’s been, the defense and the passing game surprisingly stepped up.

17. Patriots (No. 23; 4-5): The Terminator isn’t dead until it’s been dismantled, melted down, and turned into a line of wristwatches.

18. Bears (No. 16, 5-5): Bill Walsh could be calling the plays for this offense and it wouldn’t matter.

19. Bengals (No. 19; 2-6-1): It was baptism by blast furnace for Joe Burrow.

20. Falcons (No. 20; 3-6): Suddenly, two of the next three games (against the Saints) aren’t as daunting.

21. Broncos (No. 21; 3-6): At what point does the scrutiny move from coach and quarterback to General Manager?

22. 49ers (No. 22; 4-6): Next year could be special. This year definitely won’t be.

23. Panthers (No. 24; 3-7): Next year could be above average. This year definitely won’t be.

24. Giants (No. 25; 3-6): This year could still be interesting.

25. Eagles (No. 17; 3-5-1): They had two weeks to get ready for the Giants and they did that?

26. Lions (No. 27; 4-5): Does winning the game make up for blowing the 24-point lead?

27. Washington (No. 26; 2-7): At least they have nice uniforms.

28. Texans (No. 28; 2-7): Be careful what you wish for, Jack Easterby.

29. Chargers (No. 29; 2-7): They have the best quarterback in L.A., but it doesn’t matter.

30. Cowboys (No. 30; 2-7): Andy Dalton returns. Will it matter?

31. Jaguars (No. 31; 1-8): They’re good for 1-8. They’re still 1-8.

32. Jets (No. 32; 0-9): Joe Flacco must really love football.