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PFT’s Week Nine 2021 power rankings

From backup QBs who impressed to Titans WR A.J. Brown, Mike Florio and Mike Golic make their picks for who had the strongest impacts in NFL Week 8.

1. Packers (7-1, last week No. 4): They’ve come a very long way from Week One.

2. Rams (7-1, No. 3): The Rams hate draft picks more than St. Louis hates Stan Kroenke.

3. Cardinals (7-1, No. 1): Kyler Murray’s injury looms over Week Nine against the 49ers.

4. Bills (5-2, No. 5): They seemed just a little off, against a Miami team they should have destroyed.

5. Cowboys (6-1, No. 6): This is the best Dallas team in a long time. Which really isn’t that hard to do, given the overall quality of Dallas teams in recent years.

6. Saints (5-2, No. 12): They’re now 3-0 against the Brady Buccaneers in the regular season. They’d trade all of them for being 1-0 against Brady’s Bucs in the postseason.

7. Buccaneers (6-2, No. 2): Every time they look like they’re ready to dominate, they don’t.

8. Titans (6-2, No. 8): Should they be lower without Derrick Henry? Possibly. If/when they lose without him, they will be.

9. Ravens (5-2, No. 9): They backed into first place during their bye week, thanks to Cincinnati bungling a double-digit lead against the Jets.

10. Raiders (5-2, No. 11): The Raiders soon could be the best team in the conference.

11. Bengals (5-3, No. 7): Despite their talent, the Bengals aren’t ready to be an elite team.

12. Steelers (4-3, No. 15): Despite their flaws, the Steelers are ready to be an elite team.

13. Patriots (4-4, No. 16): If they make it to the single-elimination round, it’s going to get very interesting.

14. Chargers (4-3, No. 10): L.A.'s “B” team is earning its status.

15. Chiefs (4-4, No. 17): A narrow home win over the Giants doesn’t inspire confidence for the stretch of games that is coming up, starting with a visit from the Packers.

16. Browns (4-4, No. 13): They don’t do high expectations very well.

17. Vikings (3-4, No. 14): They don’t do low expectations very well.

18. Panthers (4-4, No. 18): They can be dangerous, if/when Christian McCaffrey returns.

19. Seahawks (3-5, No. 21): They’re still alive, but the margin for error is small.

20. Colts (3-5, No. 19): Can they make up four games in nine against a Titans team without Derrick Henry?

21. 49ers (3-4, No. 22): Beating the Bears hardly solves this team’s problems.

22. Falcons (3-4, No. 20): They still have a decent chance to snag the No. 7 seed, and get splattered in the wild-card round.

23. Eagles (3-5, No. 24): Something something flowers fertilizer.

24. Broncos (4-4, No. 25): Trading Von Miller won’t solve their growing no-show problem.

25. Bears (3-5, No. 23): Their record is starting to better match their current status.

26. Jets (2-5, No. 29): Some Jets fans apparently are ready to trade Zach Wilson.

27. Giants (2-5, No. 26): The fish stinks again.

28. Washington (2-6, No. 28): They have a few winnable games left on the schedule, but not nearly enough.

29. Jaguars (1-6, No. 27): They’ll always have their win over the Dolphins and two weeks of thinking maybe they had a chance to get another one.

30. Dolphins (1-7, No. 30): Why would Deshaun Watson want to be traded to Miami, anyway?

31. Texans (1-7, No. 31): The strategy in every survivor pool is simple -- take whoever is playing the Texans.

32. Lions (0-8, No. 32): The only way to explain the fan base at this point is Stockholm Syndrome.