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Police report: Aaron Kromer punched boy in eye after chair argument


In offering a form of a self-defense defense, a source close to Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer (or, maybe Kromer, who knows) said he was responding to a group of kids stealing his beach chairs.

The report just issued by the Walton County Sheriff’s Department mentions that, among other new details.

The report which was just tweeted out in chunks says that Kromer and his son approached the three minors (whose names were redacted and ages not listed) yelling at them about the chairs. The report said Kromer then pushed one of the boys to the ground and punched him in the left eye before threatening to kill his family and returning home.

At that point, Kromer’s son reportedly talked to the boys and helped them look for the fishing pole which was thrown into the ocean.

So while dad was (allegedly) angry and abusive, the son appeared to realize somebody needed to do something to make things right.

Most of the document which was released was redacted, but the report did state that two witnesses backed up the statement that Kromer hit one boy.

We still haven’t heard much from the Bills or anything from the league on Kromer’s status.