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President Trump to react to NFL’s new anthem rule on FOX News

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addresses the changes the league made to the national anthem policy and explains why they want players to stand.

If any NFL owners thought that capitulating to President Trump on the anthem issue would get him to stop talking about it, think again.

The President will appear Thursday morning on FOX News Channel, and he’s will share his reaction to the NFL’s decision to compel players to respect the flag and the national anthem -- or to stay in the locker room.

The Commander-in-Chief’s network-of-choice has taped the interview, which means that it’s already known that the topic will be addressed.

Already, President Trump Vice President Mike Pence have declared victory over the NFL regarding the anthem issue. Look for more of the same on Thursday, and beyond. Which will make the NFL’s decision to cave to political pressure even more curious.

Keep the policy that the NFL crafted roughly a decade ago, which gave players the right to protest, and the attacks from the White House would have continued. Scrap the policy and demand standing, and the attacks from the White House will continue.

So what really has been gained? Time will tell. For now, though, it seems like the NFL hasn’t made a bad situation any better by alienating plenty of players and fans, inviting potential legal challenges from the NFL Players Association, and giving President Trump a reason to constantly brag and boast about taking on the NFL and winning.