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Raheem Morris reunites with family of three-year-old boy he helped save

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss how amazing it is for Damar Hamlin to be on track to play just months after going into cardiac arrest on the field.

Two weekends ago, Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris helped save the life of a three-year-old Wyatt Stanley, who was drowning in a pool at a Las Vegas hotel. On Friday, Good Morning America televised a reunion of Morris and the family.

Morris found an AED while Dr. Andrew Oleksyn, an ER physician who was on the scene, began performing chest compressions.

“I’m sitting down and my kids all scream, I see Wyatt laying poolside and he’s blue,” Morris said in an appearance on Good Morning America. “I just wanted to help, and I could just feel the panic of it all. And I looked to the lifeguard and I said, ‘Where is the AED machine?’”

Morris said that he received training on how to use an AED in the aftermath of Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac arrest. Morris applied the device while Oleksyn continued chest compressions.

“When he says, ‘He has a pulse,’ I started clapping,” Morris said.

Oleksyn said he visited the boy in the hospital.

“I got emotional at that point because it’s like not only did you save Wyatt but you saved his family,” Oleksyn said.

Wyatt has been released from the hospital, and he is continuing to recover from the incident.