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Report: Cardinals have been offered a second-round pick for Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen is worth more than a second-round pick in a trade and could see a second-year resurgence like Jared Goff if he's moved to a new team.

Some have insisted that the Cardinals won’t get more than a third-round pick for quarterback Josh Rosen. They’ve reportedly already been offered a second-round pick for Rosen.

Joel Klatt, who serves as a college football and NFL draft analyst for FOX, identified on Wednesday three teams as being “very interested” in the 10th overall pick from 2018: The Patriots, the Giants, and the Chargers.

Per Klatt, one of those teams already has offered a second-round pick for Rosen, the former UCLA quarterback. The Cardinals, according to Klatt, are holding firm for a first-round pick.

At the risk of speculating on sources, Klatt’s status as a college football analyst and FOX’s presence in Southern California invites curiosity as to whether this report bears the fingerprints of Rosen, a former UCLA quarterback who may be getting a little antsy about his uncertain status in Arizona and who may be looking to exercise a little control over the narrative.

Regardless of how it all plays out, we’ll have the answer four weeks from tonight -- if not sooner. Which leads to a separate issue that will be the topic of a future post, because my attention span is as limited as your’s and I need a break to go check my phone.