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Report: Congressional committee explores whether the Washington Commanders used two sets of books

Mike Florio and Myles Simmons discuss the latest report regarding Congress' investigation into Daniel Snyder and the Washington Commanders, which reportedly may have some financial improprieties.

Earlier today, the Washington Post reported that the Congressional investigation of the Washington Commanders has begun to consider financial improprieties. Now, some details are being added to this new branch of the probe.

A.J. Perez of reports that the House Committee on Oversight & Reform is exploring whether the team used two sets of books.

Perez explains that the committee is exploring several issues including: (1) whether the debt load assumed last year by Snyder is impacting the team’s finances; (2) whether the team used deceptive accounting practices; and (3) whether a disparity exits between compensation paid to men and women.

During Thursday’s #PFTPM, Myles Simmons and I kicked around the question of whether someone may have deliberately made the committee aware of the financial issues, potentially in the hopes of making it much easier for the league to eradicate itself of Snyder -- if the league truly has reached its limit of deal with the man who bought the franchise in 1999.

Regardless of how the issue came to light, it’s a potentially serious issue. And it could, depending upon the evidence and the manner in which it’s handled, create possible criminal liability.