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Report: NFL generated $11 billion in national revenue in 2021

Mike Florio explains why Apple's reported offer to put NFL Sunday Ticket on its streaming service shouldn't come as a surprise given the popularity of streaming in today's world.

In 2010, Commissioner Roger Goodell set a total revenue goal of $25 billion by 2027. Five years from that deadline, how is the league doing?

Via, the NFL’s national revenue for 2021 came in at $11 billion. That’s the portion of the money generated by the NFL that is shared by the 32 franchises. Per team, it works out to $343.75 million each.

Three years ago, the league saw $15 billion in total revenue. That includes the national revenue and the local, unshared revenue generated by each team.

The total number, post-pandemic, surely is more than $15 billion. Because 31 of the teams are privately owned, there’s no reporting of local revenue -- with the exception of the Packers, whose annual report will be released soon. Indeed, there’s a chance that the report regarding the $11 billion in national revenue comes from the numbers that will be included in Green Bay’s report.

The Packers’ annual report from a year ago showed an increase in national revenue from $296 million to $309.2 million. That translates to national revenue of $9.894 billion.