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Report: Twitter/X is placing NFL ads on accounts of prominent white nationalists

Twitter, now known as X, has a business relationship with the NFL. And Twitter, now known as X, reportedly is making some interesting decisions about where to place the NFL’s ads.

According to Eric Hananoki of, Twitter (now known as X) “has been placing advertisements for the NFL on prominent white nationalist accounts, including accounts that have attacked the league by calling it anti-white.”

The accounts in question have over a million followers.

Last week, NFL chief media and business officer Brian Rolapp praised new Twitter, now known as X, CEO Linda Yaccarino for “doing great work innovating to make the platform better for [NFL] fans and partners.”

One of the accounts reportedly belongs to a streaming host who has among other things pushed the idea that Bills safety Damar Hamlin died to the COVID vaccine and has been replaced by an actor.

We won’t name names or post links here, beyond linking to the primary story. We’ve asked the league for comment on the reporting from