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Roddy White dubs PFT “complete asswholes” for highlighting his Adrian Peterson tweet


On Friday night, as the worst five-day period in NFL history (I really wish that were hyperbole) was coming to a conclusion, Falcons receiver Roddy White spat a masticated cherry atop a rancid pile of bad news and half-truths.

“I’m probably going to lose my fantasy football matchup this week cause [Adrian Peterson] can’t play Sunday for disciplining his child Jesus help us,” White said on Twitter, reacting to the Vikings’ decision to deactivate their star running back after Peterson was indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child.

White, presumably after hearing from his coach, G.M., owner, and/or agents, deleted the tweet, replacing it with an apology.

“I should not have made light of a very serious situation,” Whte said. “I understand the strong feelings about this issue and i shouldn’t have said that.”

But the apology apparently wasn’t genuine. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lashed out at PFT for writing a post about his insensitive, ugly, and awful remark about the Peterson situation.

"[Y]ou guys are complete asswholes,” White said in a tweet directed to the PFT account.

I’ve interviewed Roddy White both in person and by phone, and he seems like a nice guy. But he’s done some misguided things over the years, starting with his decision to display a “Free Mike Vick” T-shirt under his game jersey and continuing with periodic regrettable remarks on Twitter that are largely overlooked by the media. This one was too big to ignore, so MDS wrote an item about it.

Basically, White wants to be sorry for his idiotic statement on his own terms. He apparently believes that deleting the tweet and adding an apology will mean that he never said the insensitive, ugly, and awful thing he said. He also apparently believes that anyone who fails to participate in the charade is an “asswhole.”

If that’s the definition of an “asswhole,” then we’ll gladly whear that badge.