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Sean McVay confirms he has a new contract, with Rams still working on Les Snead’s deal

Matthew Stafford's elbow injury has been hanging over the Rams all throughout training camp, but some words from the man himself ease some of Chris Simms' concern.

Sean McVay said last month, at the start of training camp, that contract talks between his representation and the Rams were in “a good place.” On Tuesday, the Rams coach confirmed he already has a new deal.

He added that talks continue between the team and General Manager Les Snead, which McVay cites as the reason his deal wasn’t announced.

“I was talking in regards to Les and I have always been a pair,” McVay said in a live stream of the news conference. “We wanted to be able to kind of announce that when both of us got them done. Mine is done. Les is in the process of that.

“The partnership for us, I said you guys will know when we both get done. That was kind of how I had addressed it. Since [it] comes up again, it is something that we’ve been taken care of, but it is very important for Les and I to kind of have that represented as we’re a partnership and a pair.”

That’s not at all how McVay addressed it, and it was only because of an ESPN profile of McVay posted Tuesday that revealed the 36-year-old coach already had received his raise. A $20-million-per-year courtship from Amazon and a Super Bowl victory led to his “exponential” wealth increase.

“I feel good,” McVay said. “It was kind of always really good dialogue that existed. These things, they take time, but I think it is important [that] out of respect for the process, we wanted it to be able to be announced when both Les and I got done, because of the partnership, and I think it’s only gotten better as we go. That’s kind of where it’s at right now.”

Maybe McVay didn’t intend for ESPN’s Seth Wickersham to reveal the deal was done, but McVay can blame only himself for scooping the team’s planned announcement.

Of course, it isn’t the first time the Rams have failed to announce a contract extension for their head coach. They did the same thing with Jeff Fisher in 2016.