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Some Vikings players on board with dumping Moss

Though initial reports suggests that Vikings players generally disagreed with the decision to cut Randy Moss, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that, when coach Brad Childress explained the situation to the team, “several” nodded approval.

Though Randy’s bizarre post-game press conference on Sunday was likely the catalyst for change, Silver reports that “Moss had alienated some of his teammates with his brash, entitled behavior, most glaringly in an incident that occurred in the team’s locker room last Friday afternoon.”

Moss, per Silver, berated workers from a local restaurant that catered the team’s Friday afternoon meal.

“What the [expletive]?” Moss reportedly said. “Who ordered this crap? I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!”

Here’s how an eyewitness explained the situation to Silver: “It was brutal. The truth is, he deserved to be cut after that. It was such an uncomfortable moment. You know that feeling where you just can tell someone feels so small? That’s what it was like being there.

“This wasn’t a chain -- it was a mom-and-pop restaurant, and you could tell it was their best stuff. They had a special carving station set up, and there were players and other support staff lining up to eat it. And [Moss] is at his locker saying, ‘You know, I used to have to eat that crap -- but now I’ve got money.’ You just felt so sad for them. I had never seen anyone treated like that.

“And by the way, the food was actually really good.”

This kind of stuff is old hat for Moss, when his true nature isn’t otherwise suppressed by playing on a team that is chasing a championship. The Vikings experienced the behavior during his first stint with the team, when he berated key sponsors on a team bus.

That’s why, even though Childress may have made the right call, Childress should be blamed for bringing Moss to town in the first place. They knew or should have known that the guy is/was/always will be trouble. And now they’ve handed to the Patriots a third-round draft pick for the privilege of re-learning in a month something that the organization previously had seven seasons to figure out.